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Themed Décor & Parties

It is said that the tone of your party is set within the first five seconds that someone walks into the room. Setting the mood of the party room, and therefore the party, is an art that requires talent and training.

From draping to table-scapes, no detail is to small to be ignored. If your party or event is to be a rock and roll theme, that needs to jump out the second you enter the room. It needs to start with the walls and carry through to the table tops. And yes, if the theme is Philadelphia historical figures, you should be met by Rocky and Ben Franklin!

Let DMC Cleveland help you create a theme for your next event and your attendees will be impressed. The party will be memorable. We have hundreds of potential themes that we have used in the past such as Cleveland Characters, Las Vegas Casino, Carnival, African Safari, and many more.

Once the theme is identified we can suggest ways to setup the room to compliment the theme. Then we can add theme menu items and finally, the entertainment.